Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set

Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set

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Product Features:

If you want to do DIY repairs at home on your electronic devices, you need to have the right tools of the trade on hand. The Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set gives you all of the essential screwdrivers that you could possibly require to open and make repairs to a wide variety of gadgets and devices.

Save Time, Save Money

When something goes wrong with a cell phone, a toy, an MP3 player, a computer, a small appliance or another gadget around your house, you're inevitably faced inconvenience. You could simply purchase a brand new replacement, so that you don't have to be without that essential device, but that can get expensive. Having a professional repair your device or appliance can be equally pricy and usually means going without the item until repairs can be made.

Although there are many instruction manuals and DIY guides online that you can use and inexpensive parts that you can buy to make simple repairs yourself, most of the time ordinary tools won't fit the precision screws in electronics and appliances. The Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set solves these problems by giving you a complete selection of screwdriver bits that you can use to make those repairs on your own in less time and for less money.

Best Bits in the Business

The Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set features high quality bits. Each one is precision tooled to industry standard specifications, ensuring a perfect fit in compatible screws. This means you can be certain you'll have the right tool for the job on hand when you need it. Constructed out of heavy-duty metal, the tool bits are magnetic, so they adhere to the screws without wobbling to simplify use.

Uniquely Designed Handles

The handles included in the Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set are of equal quality to the bits and crafted from high quality materials. Their ergonomic design means that you can easily grip them without experiencing pain and discomfort in your fingers, palms or hands. The handles are outfitted with anti-slip grips, so that they stay firmly in place as you twist and turn.

A Tool for Every Gadget

With the Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set, you'll get bits for a wide variety of electronics and appliances. The set includes bits for computer casings, circuit boards, hard drives and other internal components in PCs, Mac computers and laptops. There are bits in the set that are compatible with mobile phone models from Motorola, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPhone and more. You'll even get screwdriver bits for iPads and other tablet computers, toys, appliances, Xbox game systems and MP3 players in the set.

You simply won't find a more complete set of precision screwdriver bits than the Multipurpose 38-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Repair Tool Set. Get your set today and get on your way to repairing and maintaining your devices on your own.

  • 100% brand new screwdriver handle for use with precision tool bits
  • Materials are made with top quality
  • Professional tool kit with anti slip handle and magnetic tips
  • Ergonomically designed handle for more comfort and precision work
  • Ideal for repairing and opening Mobile Phones, PSP, NDS, PDA housings, MP3 players, Computers, Laptops, House Hold Appliances, Toys, and more

Some Screwdriver Applications:

  • T3 T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, remove computer and mobile phone casing
  • T4, T5: laptops hard drives and circuit board
  • T5, T6, T8: computer desktops, hard drives, shell and head control unit on the screw shaft disc
  • T3: Motorola V3 and Siemens SL55 mobile phone, etc.
  • T4: Motorola series mobile phones
  • T5: Motorola, Nokia, HTC series mobile phone
  • T6: All mobile phone such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung, and other most mobile phones, the most common opening screwdriver
  • T7: Parts of Motorola mobile phones
  • T8: Parts of Motorola mobile phones and Sony Ericsson mobile phone & XBOX
  • T10: XBOX
  • Triangle “Y” 3.0mm: NOKIA charger and other electrical category
  • Triangle batch "Y" 2.0mm: All cell phones with triangular screwdrivers
  • 5PT stars: Panasonic mobile phones and PHS phones, etc
  • 1.2mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm Phillips: Laptops and mobile phones with the Phillips screwdrivers such as: HTC, Samsung, Apple, etc.
  • Five stars 0.8mm: All iPhones and iPad models
  • Phillips "+" type: 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 1.5mm, the most common household tools.
  • Word "-" type (flat): specifications were: 1.0mm, 2.0mm, etc., the most common household tools.

Compatible Devices

  • All Laptop Computer PC: Apple | Acer |Asus | HP-Compaq |Dell | Sony | Samsung | IBM | Lenovo | Toshiba | Gateway.
  • Apple Devices:iPhone 6 Plus | 6 | 5S | 5C | 5 | 4S | 4 | 3GS | 3 | iPad Air | iPad 3 | iPad 2 | iPad Mini | iPad.
  • Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S5 | S4 | S3 | S2 | S | Galaxy Nexus 6 | Galaxy Note Edge | Note 4 | Note 3 | Note 2 | Note | Mega 6.3" | Mega 5.8" | Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • HTC: HTC One X | One S | One V | Sensation XE XL | EVO 4G | Radar 4G.
  • Nokia:Lumia 920 | 900 | 710 | 800 | N8 | N9
  • Motorola: Droid Razr, Bionic | Atrix 2 | Triumph
  • LG: Nexus 4 | Optimus 4X | 2X | V | S | T | 3D | 7
  • Sony: Sony Xperia Series | Xperia Z | Xperia ZL | Xperia Z Ultra | Xperia SL | Xperia U | Xperia P | Xperia S | Xperia TL
  • Blackberry: Z10 | Torch 9860 | Torch 9810
  • Touch Screen devices: PDAs | eBooks | GPS | Kindle Fire HD

Additional Information

Weight 1.0000
Color color
Length 1
Width 1
Height 1

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