Corporate Accounts

Does your corporation have an ongoing need for our products?

Once you experience our quality electronics, specialty solutions products, as well our emergency kits all delivered with first-rate service and reasonable pricing, you may want to consider an ongoing supplier.

The benefits of setting up a corporate account include:

  • Lower pricing advantages
  • Expedited ordering and shipping
  • Convenience of a one-stop online store
  • Peace of mind — You’ll always have the products you need

How to start benefitting with a corporate account at Strongrr

It’s easy to set up your business, school, or government agency with a corporate account. Simply download our credit application, fill it out, and submit. We’ll respond as soon as we review your application.

Once you have your corporate account with set up, you’ll be able to order all of your product needs online without the hassle or time of documentation. You’ll get and start benefitting from our products that much sooner.

Submit Your Request

If you have any questions regarding applying for a corporate account, the Strongrr team will answer all of your questions. Simply call 888-488-8838 extension 4.