Strongrr PB160 Portable Solar Generator Power Pack 15600mAh Power Bank External Backup Battery (Silver)

Strongrr PB160 Portable Solar Generator Power Pack 15600mAh Power Bank External Backup Battery (Silver)

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Product Description:

This lightweight PB160 portable solar generator power pack provides power directly to your laptop(s), tablet(s), games, lights and any other electronic devices. It is ready to go anywhere, anytime you need it. The 160W Solar Generator Portable Power Pack is easy to pack and lightweight. Your gear now goes the same distance you do and quickly recharges from any AC wall outlet, car or boat DC outlet, or one of our solar panels.

The PB160 comes with an international 110V AC inverter. You can plug-in your device to a wall socket without the need for an adapter. Our solar energy power pack will recharge most laptops 2-3 times and cell phones up to 20 times. The PB160 also comes with a lightning fast 2.1A Universal USB port to charge any device using your own USB cable.

With multiple types of output, this portable solar generator power pack is great for charging almost any device. The PB160 is ideal for camping, hiking, and emergency preparedness kits. For the outdoor enthusiast or prepper, get one of our solar panels to recharge your power pack using the power of the sun and then enjoy the power at night when you need it most.

As an extra bonus, a 12V cigarette adapter converter is included to be used with any type of equipment that uses a cigarette adapter.

Our Solar Power Panels (sold separately) are a great add-on to this solar generator power pack. While backpacking, camping or anywhere outdoors where you need to recharge, simply attach the solar panels to attract the sun's rays. The PB160 is a great compact solar generator and power pack with a sleek and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry anywhere. There are three different ways to recharge the device so you will have the power you need while on-the-go. Get yours today so your family will be ready for anything!

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Product Features:

A high quality plug-and-play portable solar generator power pack with 160Wh (170Wh Max) backup power supply, with a built in 15600mAh power bank for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power. The PB160 Solar Generator Power Pack is a gas and noise free source of portable power to power all of your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet and laptop through any situation. It's the most cost effective portable solar generator power pack power supply on the market today.

Three Ways to Charge the PB160:
- The PB160 Solar Generator Power Pack can be charged by being plugged into any 110V AC wall outlet.
- The PB160 Portable Solar Generator can be charged by your car 12V adapter.
- The PB160 Portable Power Pack can be charged by connecting a compatible solar panel
The PB160 Solar Generator Have 3 Outputs:
- Fast Charging Universal USB 2.1A great for charging any USB powered devices.
- The 12V DC Cigarette Adapter great for powering 12V devices.
- The Universal (US, UK and European) AC Inverter great for any electronic devices just as you would plug into any 110V wall outlet.
Package included:
- 1 x PB160 Solar Generator Power Pack (160-170Wh), 15600mAh Power Bank
- 1 x 110V AC Wall Charger.
- 1 x 12V DC Cigarette Charger Adapter.

Compatible Devices

  • All Laptop Computer PC: Apple | Acer |Asus | HP-Compaq |Dell | Sony | Samsung | IBM | Lenovo | Toshiba | Gateway.
  • Apple Devices:iPhone 6 Plus | 6 | 5S | 5C | 5 | 4S | 4 | 3GS | 3 | iPad Air | iPad 3 | iPad 2 | iPad Mini | iPad.
  • Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S5 | S4 | S3 | S2 | S | Galaxy Nexus 6 | Galaxy Note Edge | Note 4 | Note 3 | Note 2 | Note | Mega 6.3" | Mega 5.8" | Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • HTC: HTC One X | One S | One V | Sensation XE XL | EVO 4G | Radar 4G.
  • Nokia:Lumia 920 | 900 | 710 | 800 | N8 | N9
  • Motorola: Droid Razr, Bionic | Atrix 2 | Triumph
  • LG: Nexus 4 | Optimus 4X | 2X | V | S | T | 3D | 7
  • Sony: Sony Xperia Series | Xperia Z | Xperia ZL | Xperia Z Ultra | Xperia SL | Xperia U | Xperia P | Xperia S | Xperia TL
  • Blackberry: Z10 | Torch 9860 | Torch 9810
  • Touch Screen devices: PDAs | eBooks | GPS | Kindle Fire HD

Additional Information

Weight 3.4000
Capacity 15600 mAh
Chemistry Li-ion
Whr 160Wh (Max 172Wh)
Color color
Length 8.5
Width 2
Height 6
Output Current: DC 5A - USB 2.1A - AC 100W
Output Voltage DC 12V - USB 5V - AC 110V

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